Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile Exercise Category screen in the HealthWizard software.

The Wellness Profile program examines lifestyle behaviors that can affect an individual’s health and longevity. The questionnaire focuses on the areas of exercise, nutrition, alcohol drinking, safety, tobacco use, and stress. The Wellness Profile analyzes your client’s current health behaviors, prints an easy to read graphical summary of current wellness, and provides recommendations to reduce the risk of future disease or disability.

Motivational Wellness Assessment Software

Wellness Profile Nutrition Category screen in the HealthWizard software.

The MicroFit Wellness Profile program is more motivational than the typical health risk appraisal because everyone can achieve a perfect score and not be penalized for uncontrollable factors like family history of disease. The program also differs from other health risk appraisals because the report recommendations are specific to the client’s responses, not just a list of standard good-health practices.

Quality Wellness Assessment Software

Wellness Profile Safety Category screen in the HealthWizard software.

The Wellness Profile is the result of a joint development project between MicroFit and the Stanford University School of Medicine. Technical information for the program was derived from a number of professional organizations, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, American Heart Association, American Cancer Association, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Major Features

Wellness Profile Stress Category screen in the HealthWizard software.
  • 44 questions about exercise, nutrition, safety, tobacco, stress

  • Graphical scoring of good behaviors for each wellness category

  • Computes a single Total Wellness Score

  • Recommends individualized behavior changes

  • Print questionnaire and answer sheet for client to complete at home and bring to assessment appointment (saves time)

  • Customize all reports with your company logo

  • Add more questions to the wellness report

  • Create multiple groups, print group reports

  • Email questionnaire or Wellness Profile Report to your client

  • Email group reports to company managers

  • Have multiple test stations, share database (network)

Note:  HealthWizard Lite features identified by double arrow icon.

Wellness Profile is a PC desktop application compatible with the Windows operating system. You can also use Wellness Profile on a Mac that has been set up to run Windows.

You can purchase Wellness Profile alone or together with the three other assessment programs in HealthWizard Pro. You will also get Wellness Profile – with limited features – if you purchase HealthWizard Lite. In all cases, Wellness Profile is sold with a lifetime license, per computer, for a one time fee.