MicroFit RoboBike installed on Monark 828E cycle ergometer

MicroFit’s exclusive RoboBike attachment transforms the Monark 828E bike into a completely automated electronic aerobic testing bike. Once connected to a computer running the HealthWizard Fitness Profile program, the RoboBike will automatically change workloads and monitor exercise heart rate and bike pedal speed according to the selected aerobic testing protocol. The MicroFit RoboBike increases the accuracy and safety of your fitness assessments.

Major Features

RoboBike Attachment to automate aerobic fitness testing on a Monark 828E cycle ergometer.
  • Automated workload adjustment for Monark 828E bike

  • Continual display of exercise heart rate

  • Monitors and displays bike pedal rate (RPM)

  • Includes five popular bike testing protocols

  • Create your own custom testing protocol

  • Run test protocols using kp or watts

  • Easy calibration requiring no special equipment

  • RoboBike is a kit that requires some assembly

Note:  the RoboBike can be used either with or without the MicroFit fitness assessment equipment (FAS-2 System).