Popular MicroFit Fitness Assessment Systems Configurations

Whether you are performing baseline fitness assessments for your members or you are conducting a comprehensive corporate wellness program, you can get the Fitness Assessment System configuration that fits your needs and your budget. Customize your fitness assessment equipment configuration or select from one of our popular configurations below to maximize your fitness testing space while providing a quality service to your members.

FAS-2 System with FitCart

MicroFit FAS-2 Fitness Assessment System with FitCart and Computer

Customize your member fitness testing around our basic Fitness Assessment System (FAS-2 System). Includes:

Optional Clip-on Heart Rate Receiver can be used with a step bench or treadmill for aerobic fitness testing.

Compact and mobile.

Easily add a bike or treadmill for more aerobic testing options in the future when your budget allows.

FAS-2 System with RoboBike

The most popular MicroFit Fitness Assessment System configuration.  This classic configuration has been a favorite of military, universities, and fitness clubs for over three decades. Includes:

Conduct fitness assessments with automated aerobic bike protocols.

Compact and mobile.

MicroFit FAS-2 Fitness Assessment System Classic Configuration

FAS-2 System with MF1215 Treadmill

MicroFit FAS-2 Fitness Assessment System with MicroFit MF1215 Treadmill

Would your clients rather walk than pedal? Upgrade to our heavy-duty treadmill and select from one of our popular aerobic treadmill protocols. Includes:

Aerobic treadmill protocols are automated for consistent accuracy and reliability of results.

Contact MicroFit for space requirements.

Complete FAS-2 System Fit-Lab

The Fit-Lab is your complete fitness assessment solution allowing more aerobic testing options for your clients.  The Fit-Lab is popular with universities, corporate wellness, medical fitness facilities, military fitness centers, health clubs, and first responder training academies.  Includes:

Select a bike or treadmill aerobic protocol based on your individual client’s needs.

Contact MicroFit for space requirements.

MicroFit Fit Lab FAS-2 Fitness Assessment System