MicroFit Manager

MicroFit Manager - Custom Report Header sample report.

The MicroFit Manager program is a collection of features and reports designed to help you run a more efficient and profitable wellness business. For example you can use the Custom Report Header feature to print any graphical image at the top of all reports in full color. A well-designed header will improve the appearance of the HealthWizard reports and draw attention to your company. By adding your company name, logo, address, phone number, email, and web site address to the report header, you have created a great marketing piece that will be shown to your clients family, friends and health counselor.

Brand Your Software with Custom Wallpaper

Image of HealthWizard screen with custom wallpaper.

Brand your HealthWizard software with Custom Wallpaper.  Load your own custom full-screen image or select a smaller image such as your logo to be automatically tiled across and down the screen.  Let your clients see your branding while they are being tested.

Email Fitness Assessment Reports

MicroFit Manager - Email Reports feature in the HealthWizard software.

Email any HealthWizard wellness report to a client or their physician. If you are managing employee fitness for a company you can email group progress reports to the company manager. Emailed reports can be conveniently viewed on a PC, tablet or smart phone. Client email addresses are saved in HealthWizard so they only need to be entered one time.

Calendar to Organize Fitness Assessents

MicroFit Manager - Calendar feature in the HealthWizard software.

The MicroFit Manager program includes a full featured calendar/scheduler. The calendar provides a convenient and efficient way to keep track of MicroFit fitness assessment appointments, counseling sessions, health improvement classes, and other important meetings and events. The calendar also includes a task list feature that helps you manage your ‘to do’ list.

Get Client Contact Information

MicroFit Manager -Client List Report sample report in the HealthWizard software.

Using the Client List Report you can get important information about your clients like ID number, gender, age, phone number, email address, counselor, and date of last fitness assessment. You can also use the report to efficiently manage routine client contact tasks. For example you can print the email address and last fitness assessment date of all clients assigned to a particular counselor. Or you can print a list clients who have an upcoming birthday or who have been with your facility for a year.

Major Features

Picture of woman at a computer using software.
  • Print your company logo at the top of all reports

  • Calendar to schedule fitness assessment appointments

  • Email individual reports to clients

  • Email group reports to company managers

  • Print list of clients with important contact information

  • Brand the software with Custom Wallpaper

Note:  HealthWizard Lite features identified by double arrow icon.

View MicroFit Manager Sample Reports

MicroFit Manager is a PC desktop application compatible with the Windows operating system. You can also use MicroFit Manager on a Mac that has been set up to run Windows.

You can purchase MicroFit Manager alone or together with the three other assessment programs in HealthWizard Pro. You will also get MicroFit Manager – with limited features – if you purchase HealthWizard Lite. In all cases, MicroFit Manager is sold with a lifetime license, per computer, for a one time fee.