Health History

Health History Chest Pain screen in the HealthWizard software.

The Health History program is primarily a short questionnaire that should be completed by anyone who will be participating in exercise testing, starting an exercise program, or increasing the amount of exercise they currently do. The questionnaire can establish the medical/health risks of exercise for individuals and identify those few people who should see their doctor before exercise testing or increasing their level of exercise. The Health History questionnaire is based on the exercise preparticipation health screening guidelines set forth by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Expandable Questionnaire

Health History Joint Problems screen in the HealthWizard software.

You can customize the Health History program by adding an unlimited number of questions to the questionnaire. Using this feature you can collect, track and report the client health history information that is important to your wellness program.

Efficient Health History Software

Health History Heart Medication screen in the HealthWizard software.

Print one or more copies of the Health History questionnaire and answer sheet and use them to collect client information before the MicroFit assessment. The survey can be mailed, emailed or simply handed to the client when they arrive at your facility. A ‘quick entry’ feature allows you to rapidly enter data from the answer sheet into the MicroFit database. Use the paper or electronic version of the Health History survey to reduce MicroFit assessment time or to easily gather health information on a group of people in an offsite setting.

Major Features

Health History Other Reason screen in the HealthWizard software.
  • Quick health history screening questionnaire

  • Identify individuals who should see a doctor before exercising

  • Print health history report for individual and their doctor

  • Questionnaire based on guidelines from American College of Sports Medicine

  • Customized all reports with your company logo

  • Add more questions to the health history questionnaire

  • Create multiple groups, print group reports

  • Email questionnaire or Health History report to your client

  • Email group reports to company managers

  • Have multiple test stations, share database (network)

Note:  HealthWizard Lite features identified by double arrow icon.

Health History is a PC desktop application compatible with Windows XP/7/10. You can also use Health History on a Mac that has been set up to run Windows.

You can purchase Health History alone or together with the three other assessment programs in HealthWizard Pro. You will also get Health History – with limited features – if you purchase HealthWizard Lite. In all cases, Health History is sold with a lifetime license, per computer, for a one time fee.