Provide Members With Fitness Assessments to Motivate Change And Generate Revenue

For over 35 years, health clubs across the country and around the world have relied on MicroFit HealthWizard software and optional FAS-2 testing equipment to provide fitness and wellness assessments for their members.  This is a service that not only provides your members with useful information in their quest to become more healthy, but also provides a way for your club to increase personal training revenue, boost member retention, and generate quality referrals.

Club Benefits

Providing quality fitness and wellness assessments will not only motivate your members, it will also provide benefits to your club.

  • Sell more personal training

  • Generate revenue from assessment fees

  • Boost retention with satisfied members

  • Receive quality referrals from your members

While some clubs offer free fitness assessments to their members, others charge a nominal fee for this service.  Along with potential revenue from the service, the easy to read MicroFit reports allow the trainer to show the member areas they need to improve and allows the trainer to sell more personal training services.  It is our experience that a member who receives quality information from a fitness assessment is more likely to refer family and friends to your club for their own assessment.  Follow-up assessments at predetermined intervals (such as 3 months) will help keep the member engaged and working with their trainer to achieve better results which is most likely why they became a member of your club in the first place.

“We have used MicroFit for many years to establish an individual’s baseline and then design a program for them to reach their fitness goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. MicroFit provides a format of professionalism that helps us stand out from the competition.”  –  Chuck Wilson, Partner – The Fitness Equation – Ashburn, VA

Member Benefits

Now more than ever, it is important to help your members prevent diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and obesity which cause them to be more at risk when something like Covid-19 comes along.  MicroFit technology solutions will allow your trainers to not only track progress in areas of fitness such as blood pressure, body fat, weight, and aerobic fitness, but also provides easy to read reports that help motivate your members in their quest to become more healthy.

  • Help members realize realistic and reliable results

  • Easy to read reports that continue to motivate members

  • Receive recommendations based on ACSM guidelines

  • Improve member/trainer engagement with our new MicroFit Go! mobile app

Powerful Fitness Assessment Software

  • Client fitness assessment, tracking, and reporting

  • Create unlimited number of fitness tests

  • Create a different set of tests for different clients

  • Create multiple groups, print group reports

  • Have multiple test stations, share database (network)

  • Connect with MicroFit FAS-2 assessment equipment

  • Normative comparison data based on age and gender

  • Customizable Fitness Reports

  • Email fitness reports to your client

  • Health History pre-test questionnaire

  • Wellness Profile examines lifestyle behaviors that can affect an individual’s health and longevity

Fitness Testing Equipment

  • Fully Automated FAS-2 Testing Equipment

  • Measures resting blood pressure and heart rate

  • Measures body weight and biceps muscle strength

  • Measures body fat and body composition

  • Measures Aerobic Fitness

  • Measures low back and hamstring flexibility

  • Conforms to standards of American Association of Medical Instrumentation

  • FDA registered medical device

  • Measurements automatically logged in HealthWizard software

  • Low Cost Portable Testing Equipment Option Available

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