Fitness Profile

MicroFit Blood Pressure Assessment test screen in the HealthWizard software.

Since 1986, Fitness Profile has been the preferred fitness assessment software of leading fitness and wellness organizations around the world. You will find Fitness Profile in health clubs, medical fitness facilities, university student wellness centers and kinesiology labs, U.S. military health and wellness centers, and in corporate wellness facilities. If your organization is looking for the most comprehensive, flexible, accurate, and visually impressive fitness assessment software, come join our family of 4000+ Fitness Profile customers.

Flexible Fitness Assessment Software

MicroFit Body Fat Assessment screen in the HealthWizard software.

While classified as fitness assessment software, Fitness Profile is really a highly flexible health data collection and reporting system for people age 5 to 80+. The software comes with many popular fitness tests for muscle strength, muscle endurance and flexibility as well as health tests like body composition, blood pressure, blood cholesterol and cardiovascular fitness. You can add more fitness and health tests, construct a different set of tests for different clients, present the results in either graph or text form in the report, and edit the test interpretation in the report. Fitness Profile has the power and flexibility to meet all the assessment needs of any health organization.

Powerful Fitness Assessment Software

MicroFit Biceps Strength Assessment screen in the HealthWizard software.

Like other fitness assessment software, you can use your own fitness testing equipment and manually enter results into Fitness Profile. However, unlike other programs, you can also connect Fitness Profile to the MicroFit FAS-2 System for automated health and fitness testing. The FAS-2 System is a collection of medical devices that measure body weight, body fat, blood pressure, heart rate, biceps muscle strength, trunk flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Fitness Profile with the FAS-2 System will decrease assessment time, improve accuracy and decrease testing errors due to inexperienced test administrators. Furthermore, when your clients experience an assessment with the FAS-2 System, they will have total confidence in your health improvement program knowing you use the best fitness assessment technology.

Major Features

MicroFit Body Weight Assessment
  • Client fitness assessment, tracking, and reporting

  • Includes over 50 popular fitness tests

  • Add more fitness tests to the report

  • Create a different set of tests for different clients

  • Customize the Fitness Profile report

  • Print your company logo in all reports

  • Connect with MicroFit FAS-2 assessment equipment

  • Create multiple groups, print group reports

  • Have multiple test stations, share database (network)

  • Email Fitness Profile Report to your client

  • Email group reports to company managers

  • Export fitness test scores to file

Note:  HealthWizard Lite features identified by double arrow icon.

Fitness Profile is a PC desktop application compatible with Windows XP/7/10/11. You can also use Fitness Profile on a Mac that has been set up to run Windows.

You can purchase Fitness Profile alone or together with the three other assessment programs in HealthWizard Pro. You will also get Fitness Profile – with limited features – if you purchase HealthWizard Lite. In all cases, Fitness Profile is sold with a lifetime license, per computer, for a one time fee.