MicroFit FitKit portable fitness testing equipment

If portability and cost are key issues, the MicroFit FitKit is the solution. With seven high-quality, low cost measurement devices and the HealthWizard Fitness Profile software program, the FitKit gives you the tools you need to perform a comprehensive fitness assessment. The assessment devices are either mechanical or operate on battery power and can all be stored in a durable rolling travel bag. These features make the FitKit an ideal solution for your mobile fitness assessment program.

Major Features

Woman walking with MicroFit FitKit
  • Automated resting blood pressure and heart rate monitor

  • Skinfold caliper for body fat assessment

  • Digital body weight scale, measure up to 330 lbs

  • Measurement tape for body circumferences

  • Flexometer for trunk flexibility assesment

  • Step bench for cardiovascular fitness assessment

  • Heart rate monitor for cardiovascular fitness assessment

  • Rolling bag to store and transport assessment equipment

Note:  the MicroFit Fitness Profile software is not a component of the FitKit and is sold separately.