MicroFit FitCart with FAS-2 Fitness Assessment System and Computer

The MicroFit FitCart provides an ideal solution for facilities that have minimal space for fitness assessment or a need to move the fitness assessment equipment from time to time. A monitor swivel arm lets you turn the monitor so your client will have an optimal viewing position for each phase of the fitness assessment. The FitCart was designed to be used with the MicroFit fitness assessment equipment (FAS-2 System) and computer system sold by MicroFit but it can also serve as a small computer work station for facilities using their own assessment equipment and computer.

Major Features

MicroFit FitCart
  • Heavy duty rolling cart with locking front casters

  • Compact size:  30 W, 35 H, 20 D (inches)

  • Optional monitor swivel arm and monitor with speaker

  • Large blue mouse pad with MicroFit logo

  • Hooks to hang skinfold caliper and blood pressure cuff

  • Available color:  White frame with black shelves

Note:  MicroFit FitCart includes cart, mouse pad, 6 plug power strip, cable alley (to hide cables), and hooks to hang the skinfold caliper and blood pressure cuff. Optional items include monitor with swivel arm, small form factor computer, printer, and wireless keyboard and mouse.