Fitness Assessment System

MicroFit FAS-2 Fitness Assessment System

The MicroFit Fitness Assessment System (FAS-2 System) is an integrated collection of fitness testing equipment that connects to your computer and is controlled by the HealthWizard Fitness Profile software. With the FAS-2 System, you can measure body weight, body fat, blood pressure, heart rate, trunk flexibility and arm strength. When the optional MicroFit RoboBike or MF1215 Treadmill are connected you can also measure cardiovascular fitness.  The MicroFit FAS-2 System is a FDA-registered medical device that offers a high level of test accuracy while reducing assessment time. Just as important, the MicroFit FAS-2 System is easy to learn and easy to use.

FAS-2 Blood Pressure Monitor

MicroFit CTI box with automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Measures resting blood pressure and heart rate

  • Fully automated system

  • Self calibrating

  • Adjusts starting pump up pressure on repeat measurements

  • Includes adult size cuff; large and small adult cuffs available

  • Conforms to standards of American Association of Medical Instrumentation

  • FDA registered medical device

FAS-2 Force Platform

MicroFit Weight and Strength Platform for measuring body weight and biceps strength.
  • Measures body weight and biceps muscle strength

  • Measurement in pounds or kilograms

  • Easy calibration procedure

  • Measures body weight up to 450 pounds (204 kg)

  • Measures biceps muscle strength to 250 pounds (113 kg)

  • Sturdy cast-aluminum design at 16L x 16W x 2H inches

  • FDA registered medical device

FAS-2 Skinfold Caliper

MicroFit Skinfold Caliper for body fat measurements
  • Measures skinfold thickness for body fat analysis

  • Measures skinfold thickness up to 50 mm with accuracy to within 0.5% or 0.1 mm

  • Easy calibration procedure

  • Skinfold measurements highly correlate to Lange caliper measurements

  • Four protocols for adults, 1 protocol for children

  • Optional client ethnicity selection for increased accuracy

  • Features a sturdy plastic design that is impact- and chip-resistant

FAS-2 Flexometer

MicroFit Flexometer for measuring back flexibility
  • Measures low back and hamstring flexibility

  • Uses popular sit-and-reach protocol

  • Features special electronic sensing pads with very low pressure-activated switches

  • Easy calibration procedure

  • Lightweight, compact plastic design is impact- and chip-resistant