Provide The Ideal Wellness Program For Your Students And Staff

Since 1986, colleges and universities across the country have relied on MicroFit software and equipment to provide fitness and wellness assessment solutions for their campuses.  Community colleges, private universities, and major public universities have all built their campus wellness programs around MicroFit technology.  Many universities have also integrated MicroFit technology into their Kinesiology curriculums to give their students hands-on learning that is vital in their future endeavors.

2024 Update

May 2024Georgia Gwinnett College purchased the MicroFit HealthWizard Fitness Profile software for use in the Department of Exercise Science.

April 2024College of William and Mary (customer since 2011) received their new MicroFit MF1215 Treadmill to add to their existing MicroFit fitness assessment system in the Bee McLeod Recreation Center.  With their existing MicroFit system, the College of William and Mary now offers the complete MicroFit Fit-Lab for performing fitness assessments for students and faculty.  Clients being tested now have the option of a bike or treadmill when taking an aerobic fitness test.  MicroFit provided on-site installation of the MicroFit MF1215 Treadmill and provided staff training and certification on the equipment.

April 2024:  Central Connecticut State University (customer since 2000) has opened their new Central Community Health Education Clinic which features a new MicroFit Fit-Lab.  This student-run health clinic offers full fitness assessments using the MicroFit equipment as a compliment to health education and preventative screening services they provide to the local community.

April 2024Michigan State University Olin Health Center (customer since 2008) upgraded their aging MicroFit system with a new MicroFit FAS-2 system.  They also replaced their 15 year old Monark 828E cycle ergometer.  These upgrades will ensure the university can continue to provide reliable fitness assessments to students and staff for many more years.

Campus Recreation and Wellness

Now more than ever it is important to help students and staff prevent diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and obesity which cause them to be more at risk when something like Covid-19 comes along.  MicroFit software and equipment will allow your fitness staff to not only track progress in areas of fitness such as blood pressure, body fat, weight, and aerobic fitness, but also provide easy to read reports that help motivate your students and staff to improve their health.

Kinesiology and Human Performance Programs

Join the growing list of colleges and universities who have added MicroFit technology to their Kinesiology and Human Performance labs and give your students proper hands-on training.

Powerful Fitness Assessment Software

  • Client fitness assessment, tracking, and reporting

  • Create unlimited number of fitness tests

  • Create a different set of tests for different clients

  • Create multiple groups, print group reports

  • Have multiple test stations, share database (network)

  • Connect with MicroFit FAS-2 assessment equipment

  • Normative comparison data based on age and gender

  • Customizable Fitness Reports

  • Email fitness reports to your client

  • Health History pre-test questionnaire

  • Wellness Profile examines lifestyle behaviors that can affect an individual’s health and longevity

Fitness Testing Equipment

  • Fully Automated FAS-2 Testing Equipment

  • Measures resting blood pressure and heart rate

  • Measures body weight and biceps muscle strength

  • Measures body fat and body composition

  • Measures Aerobic Fitness

  • Measures low back and hamstring flexibility

  • Conforms to standards of American Association of Medical Instrumentation

  • FDA registered medical device

  • Measurements automatically logged in HealthWizard software

  • Low Cost Portable Testing Equipment Option Available

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