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MicroFit, Inc. has a reputation for developing products that are easy to learn and easy to operate. However, we still recognize that for some people, learning new technology can be time consuming and somewhat overwhelming. For those customers who would like extra help getting their system up and going, we offer several MicroFit product training options.

Software Help Program
All MicroFit software programs include an extensive, on-line help program that has all the information you need to set up your product and operate it successfully. The information in the help program can be accessed from a table of contents, index, key-word search or by clicking the help button that is on the specific computer screen where you need help.
Phone Training
When you purchase the MicroFit FAS-2 System, you will receive free product phone training. In this one hour session a MicroFit trainer will help ‘jump start’ your fitness assessment program by guiding you through system setup and explaining the main software features. Phone training may be purchased for more in-depth help with the FAS-2 System or for other MicroFit products.
On-Site Training
There are some situations where a face-to-face, hands-on training session is beneficial. This is frequently the case where a large number of users need to be trained in a short period of time. To address this situation, we offer an on-site MicroFit training program where one of our trainers will come to your facility and work with your people for one or two days. These focused learning sessions are the best and quickest way to gain the knowledge and experience your group needs to make the MicroFit System a successful part of your health and fitness program