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Our products are designed for health and fitness professionals who consult with clients in fitness clubs, wellness centers and other health improvement organizations. We have a selection of software for fitness assessment, lifestyle behavior assessment, dietary analysis and exercise programming. Our FAS-2 Fitness Assessment System is a collection of medical grade fitness testing equipment that interfaces directly to your computer.  The MicroFit FitKit includes high quality, low cost assessment equipment in a bag and is the perfect solution for mobile fitness testing.

Fitness Assessment Software
HealthWizard Software

Exercise Explorer

DietMaster Pro

HealthWizard is a seamlessly integrated suite of four software programs that analyze physical health and fitness, lifestyle behaviors and current health status.

A powerful exercise management tool that automatically creates exercise programs for your clients, prints workout cards and tracks exercise performance.

An easy-to-use weight management program that includes dietary analysis, meal planning, goal setting and body weight tracking.

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Fitness Testing Equipment
FAS-2 System

FitKit Portable Solution

The MicroFit FAS-2 System is a FDA-registered medical device that provides standardized measurement of body weight, body fat, blood pressure, heart rate, arm strength, back flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Designed to work with the MicroFit HealthWizard software, this collection of medical devices interacts directly with your computer for fast, easy and accurate fitness assessment.

Designed for maximum portability and affordability, the MicroFit FitKit includes a collection of quality health and fitness assessment devices that can be easily transported in a rolling travel bag. Use the FitKit devices to measure weight, body fat, circumferences, blood pressure, heart rate, back flexibility and cardiovascular fitness then enter the results into the MicroFit HealthWizard software.

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