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The DietMaster Pro software enables fitness and wellness facilities to establish a professional weight management consulting business. These services can increase revenue to your organization by creating a higher-value perception with your customers, offering weight management consulting services and justifying the sale of vitamins and supplements.

Perform Dietary Analysis
DietMaster Pro offers your clients a unique educational experience that helps them understand their eating habits. The dietary analysis will compare current caloric intake, protein, carbohydrates and fats to recommended levels as well as identify deficiencies in consumed vitamins and mineral. This information clearly shows your client what they need to do, helps them set goals and motivates them to use your services to achieve their goals.

Build Meal Plans
If your organization has a person on staff that knows about diet and nutrition, they can build customized meal plans for your clients. The DietMaster Pro software includes thousands of food items to select from. If a particular food item is not found in the program it can be easily added to the database.

Use Templates for Automatic Meal Planning
If the person responsible for your weight management program is not a dietician, they can provide your clients a quality service by using meal plan templates. These templates include 7 days of balanced menu plans with grocery lists. They have been designed by a registered dietician and approved by DietMaster Pro’s Health Advisory Directors. By using the meal plan templates you can save consulting time, provide program credibility and limit the liability of your organization.

DietMaster Pro software is compatible with Windows XP/Win7/Win8. Also works great on a Mac with Windows installed.

Weight management program

Dietary analysis

Automatic meal planning

DietMaster Pro gives you the tools to start your own weight management program.

Analyze calories and nutritional content of foods, meals and daily food intake.

Build meal plans using foods in the database or foods you add to the program.

Save time by copying pre-made meal plans designed by registered dieticians.

To order MicroFit products please call 1-800-822-0405.

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