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FAS-2 System
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Monark 828E Bike
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MicroFit FAS-2 Fitness Assessment System
The MicroFit FAS-2 System is an integrated collection of health and fitness testing equipment that connects to your computer and is controlled by the HealthWizard Fitness Profile software.

With the FAS-2 System, you can measure body weight, body fat, blood pressure, heart rate, trunk flexibility and arm strength. When the optional Monark bike is connected you can also measure cardiovascular fitness.

The MicroFit FAS-2 System is a FDA-registered medical device that offers a high level of test accuracy while reducing assessment time. Just as important, the MicroFit FAS-2 System is easy to learn and easy to use.
MicroFit FAS-2 Fitness Testing Equipment
Blood Pressure Skinfold Caliper Flexometer Weight & Strength

Fully automated blood pressure and heart rate monitor.
Comfortable design makes skinfold measurement fast and easy.
Digital technology for accurate trunk flexibility results. Very durable with no moving parts.
This heavy duty, medical-grade scale measures both body weight and biceps muscle strength.
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Add-On Fitness Testing Equipment for Cardiovascular Fitness
Monark 828E Bike RoboBike Attachment
Chest Strap Transmitter   Clip-On Heart Rate Receiver   HRR for Monark Bike

This premium quality stationary bike is designed specifically for cardiovascular fitness testing.
Add RoboBike to the Monark bike and let your computer change work loads and read heart rate and pedal speed.
Use the Chest Strap Transmitter and Clip-On Heart Rate Receiver when testing cardiovascular fitness with a treadmill or step bench.
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Accessories for the FAS-2 System
FitCart Rolling Travel Bag

Use this heavy-duty cart to minimize the space requirements of the MicroFit FAS-2 System.
This lightweight bag with wheels makes it easy to transport your MicroFit FAS-2 Assessment System.
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