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If portability and cost are key issues, the MicroFit FitKit is the solution. With seven high-quality, low cost measurement devices and the HealthWizard Fitness Profile software program, the FitKit gives you the tools you need to perform a comprehensive fitness assessment. The assessment devices are either mechanical or operate on battery power and can all be stored in a durable rolling travel bag. These features make the FitKit an ideal solution for your mobile fitness assessment program.

Blood Pressure System Heart Rate Monitor Skinfold Caliper

Professional automated blood pressure and resting heart rate system.
Measure exercise heart rate during cardiovascular assessment. Includes a chest strap transmitter and watch that displays heart rate.
Popular Lange caliper provides accurate measurement of skinfold thickness for body fat assessment.

Weight Scale Measuring Tape Flexometer

Digital body weight scale with large, easy-to-read display and sturdy plastic case. Measures up to 330 lbs.
Measure circumference of body parts to 60 inches. Features tape tension indicator for accurate and repeatable measurement. 
Lightweight and durable, the Flexometer is designed specifically for the HealthWizard Fitness Profile Back Flexibility test.

Aerobic Step Bench Rolling Travel Bag HealthWizard Software

Adjustable step bench makes cardiovascular assessment on the road simple and convenient.
Use this durable, rolling travel bag to conveniently store and easily transport all the FitKit components.
Record health and fitness scores and print great looking reports with the HealthWizard Fitness Profile software.
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