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MicroFit Releases New HealthWizard 5.5.2 Software.

October 2016—In 2015 the questions and score calculation for the Exercise behavior category in Wellness Profile were updated (HealthWizard ver 5.4.8). In this new software all the remaining behavior categories have been updated. The Nutrition, Safety, and Stress behavior categories have new questions and score calculations. These categories plus the Tobacco category and the Additional comments at the end of the client report all have new client report comments. The Wellness Profile client report has been updated to improve its appearance. More information about the update.

MicroFit Announces a New FitCart.

June 2016—The MicroFit FitCart is a mobile cart that holds a computer, monitor, printer, and most of the MicroFit FAS-2 testing equipment. The new FitCart is smaller, lighter, and less expensive than the previous model. The standard product includes cool gray color, an attractive MicroFit blue mouse pad, clips to hang the blood pressure cuff and skinfold calipers, and sturdy 4 inch locking wheels. It also includes an optional swivel monitor arm so the monitor can be positioned for easy viewing by your clients.

MicroFit Releases New HealthWizard 5.5.1 Software.

March 2016—In this software version you will find several updates that improve the appearance of the reports. You can now change the size and color or your organization's name printed at the top of the report. Group reports have been improved with an updated cover page and group definition page. More information about the update.

MicroFit Releases New HealthWizard 5.4.8 Software.

July 2015—The MicroFit HealthWizard software has been updated once again. The major change in this version is new questions, score calculation, and comments for the exercise behavior component of the Wellness Profile questionnaire. Information and recommendations for healthly exercise behavior come from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Physical Activity Guidelines. More information about the update.

MicroFit Announces New Treadmill 1215 Product.

November 2014—MicroFit now offers a commercial grade treadmill that connects to your computer and is controlled by the HealthWizard software. Speed and grade are automatically changed while heart rate is constantly monitored and displayed in the HealthWizard program. The treadmill can be used with the Bruce, Balke, Gerkin and WFI protocols. You can also create your own treadmill protocols. The MicroFit Treadmill 1215 has a top speed of 12 MPH and top grade of 15 percent. Note: due to the 15% grade limit the Bruce and Balke protocols cannot be run to their final work stage.

MicroFit in Scientific Study at University of Wisconsin.

October 2013—Over 15 years of MicroFit assessments revels declining fitness in college age students at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.  The authors noted significant decreases in aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility along with significant increases in body weight, body fat and blood pressure.  The findings indicate increased risk of chronic diseases for these students... Read More

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MicroFit Announces New HealthWizard Lite Software.

July 2012 —HealthWizard Lite is a new, lower cost version of MicroFit's popular HealthWiard software that is designed for small fitness facilities and personal trainers. The software includes all the same client fitness and wellness assessment features found in the professional version of HealthWizard but does not include group reporting, networking or connection with the MicroFit FAS-2 fitness testing equipment.

MicroFit Featured in California Clubs of Distinction Newsletter.

August 2011—The California Clubs of Distinction (CCD) is a non-profit association of over 200 of the best California health and fitness clubs. MicroFit was honored to be asked to present an article in the August CCD newsletter on the role of fitness assessments in the club industry... Read More

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MicroFit Achieves 25 Years of Excellence

June 23, 2011—On this date, MicroFit celebrated it's 25th year in the health and fitness industry. Starting out in a garage in 1986, MicroFit has grown to be a worldwide, leading manufacturer of fitness assessment software and fitness testing equipment with sales in over 30 countries. Innovative design, quality products and outstanding customer service are the reasons for MicroFit's longevity and success.

MicroFit in Scientific Study of Fitness and Body Fat Trends in College Students.

Nutrients, October 2010—Dr. Peter Pribis from Andrews University used the MicroFit Fitness Assessment System to compare aerobic fitness and body fatness in college students over 13 years. His results support recent findings that physical fitness among college students is declining and body fatness is increasing... Read More

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MicroFit Moves Manufacturing Facility to Fresno California.

June 1, 2010—After almost 25 years in California's famed Silicon Valley, MicroFit moved it's manufacturing facility to the city of Fresno located in the center of the golden state. This new, larger facility will also be the home of MicroFit technical support and service center. Offices for research and development, sales and administration will remain in the Silicon Valley region.