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Today’s health care professionals recognize the value of disease prevention and embrace more proactive and integrated approaches to patient care. That’s why leading hospitals, physician practices, managed care organizations, physical therapy facilities and alternative care clinics rely on MicroFit assessment technology to identify patient health risks, initiate and monitor therapy progress and improve clinical outcomes.

The benefits of MicroFit health and fitness assessments include:

Provide low-cost screening.
MicroFit assessments provide a low-cost and time-efficient method for identifying high-risk patients.
Enable comprehensive assessment.
MicroFit technology helps you examine your patient’s physical, behavioral and health status. An accurate and comprehensive assessment helps you prescribe appropriate therapeutic interventions and track patient outcomes.
Motivate and empower your patients.
The MicroFit system gathers and integrates assessment data into educational graphic and text-based reports that compare your patient’s individual results to that of their peers, a powerful way to address the emotional and motivational components of health improvement.
Support higher quality, more personalized care.
The MicroFit assessment provides you with accurate, medically based information, essential for prescribing a personalized course of improvement. MicroFit follow-up assessments reinforce the benefits of therapy and demonstrate your commitment to helping your patients achieve optimal results.
Customize for success.
The user-friendly and flexible MicroFit system design allows you customize the assessments and reports to reflect your particular approach to wellness management. You can add and track an unlimited number of user-defined tests, such as blood cholesterol, spirometry, bone density, and range of motion.
Build your practice.
A highly valuable marketing tool for building new business, regular health and fitness testing generates long-term revenues from out-of-pocket and third party reimbursement, and allows you to easily manage corporate wellness contracts. The value and utility of MicroFit assessment technology differentiates your practice from other health care providers and enhances your patient acquisition and retention efforts.