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A high quality fitness assessment service will improve your facility’s image and increase business revenue  from justifying current dues, higher member retention, increased personal training sales and new member sales from unique marketing programs.

MicroFit is the highest quality, most impressive fitness assessment system in the market. For over 25 years MicroFit has been the number one choice of top fitness facilities around the world.

Here are the ways MicroFit can improve your facility's image and bottom line:

Add Value to Justify Dues.
During the recession of 2007, consumers became reluctant to pay club dues similar to what they experienced before the recession. An editorial in Club Business International (Aug 2011) warns against discounting dues. They recommend adding services like fitness assessments to make the membership appear more valuable to the consumer, thereby justifying current dues.
Improve Member Retention.
When members experience a high quality fitness assessment, they instantly have a higher impression of your facility. In their eyes you are now a professional health organization with expert knowledge and are truly serious about helping them achieve their personal health goals. This realization will help bond the member to your organization and motivate them to stay with you for a long time.
Increase Personal Training Sales.
A 30 minute MicroFit fitness assessment provides the opportunity for members to meet your personal trainers and discuss their fitness goals. This is the  perfect environment for selling personal training services.
Advertise Your Facility.
Use MicroFit fitness assessments to attract new members by offering free blood pressure testing or body fat assessments at health fairs, sporting events, shopping centers or your facility's open house.
Attract Corporate Memberships.
Close corporate sales with samples of MicroFit group reports. Explain how your organization can do baseline and 6 month MicroFit fitness assessments and present management with an employee fitness progress report.
Reduced Liability.
The American College of Sports Medicine recommends a health history screening for all new members to verify it is safe for them to engage in physical activity. The MicroFit fitness assessment system includes a short, easy-to-use health screening program.
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What Others are Saying about MicroFit
"Comprehensive Club Management, Inc. has benefited from MicroFit for many years. Our company was one of the first to utilize this product in the Pacific Northwest. We use MicroFit in our clubs and corporate fitness centers. MicroFit has been a critical component of the service we provide; it has always been one of the most valuable Value Added Services, as perceived by our companys."
Wayne Westwood, President - CCM, Inc.,
                               Past President IHRSA
"The [MicroFit] presentation, in an integrated fashion is impressive to the consumer and the overall process allows for the fitness professional and the member to engage in a consultative interaction that sets a foundation for results and success for the member."
Bill McBride, Chief Operating Officer- Club One
"I used the MicroFit system in our Health Coach Vitality Wellness Center. Office visits went from 20 per week to 100 per week. This system is vital for establishing compliance, accountability and consistency. I highly recommend the MicroFit FAS-2 system for any health club facility and all fitness professionals striving to build a profitable personal training business."
Aaron Lertzman, Owner- Prime Fitness Consulting
"We purchased our existing MicroFit from you when we went into business 6 years ago. We love your product and would like to use it as well in our upcoming 2nd facility."
John Comereski, GM- Island Health & Fitness
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Call MicroFit   1-800-822-0405    (1-559-475-7007).