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The MicroFit FAS-2 interactive system and related assessment products provide timely, accurate and meaningful information to help motivate people to lead healthier and more productive lives. This objective is especially critical with the extraordinary physical demands on today’s uniformed service personnel including law enforcement, firefighters, security and emergency responders.

The benefits of MicroFit health and fitness assessments include:

Offer comprehensive assessments.
MicroFit systems provide a fast, accurate, cost-effective assessment of the physical, behavioral and health status of individual personnel and groups, helping you determine health risks, identify appropriate health improvement programs and track outcomes.
Provide objective measurements.
Unlike traditional assessments that rely exclusively on subjective, self-administered surveys, proactive MicroFit systems provide an objective and standardized measurement of physical health to help identify problems that may otherwise have gone undetected.
Promote staff efficiency and professionalism.
Automated MicroFit assessment systems are easy to operate and provide professional reports with immediate, accurate and personalized feedback necessary to create a course of health and fitness improvement and track progress.
Motivate and empower personnel.
The MicroFit program gathers and integrates assessment data into educational graphic and text-based reports that compares individual results to those of other personnel within the same gender and age group, a powerful way to motivate change toward healthier behaviors.
Powerful customization options.
Advanced MicroFit program flexibility and utility allows health personnel to create tests, standards, protocols and formats customized to meet their specific objectives and comply with official standards (i.e. IAFC/IAFF Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative and Police Department POST requirements, etc.).
Validate health promotion activities.
Innovative MicroFit group reporting capabilities facilitates assessment of program outcomes, benchmarking and program evaluation. Aggregate reports help you target areas that need improvement and manage health care resources as efficiently as possible.