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Every year employers confront skyrocketing healthcare and workers compensation premiums, increasing numbers of employees with chronic disease, and millions of dollars in losses from medical costs, lost productivity and absenteeism. Helping people stay healthy costs far less than treating people once they become ill or injured. Proactive MicroFit health and fitness assessments provide employers, health care management companies and insurers a better way to manage employee health risks, improve productivity and reduce overall health care costs.

The benefits of MicroFit health and fitness assessments include:

Identifying health risks.
MicroFit systems provide a low-cost and time-efficient method for identifying high-risk employees. A comprehensive assessment of their physical, behavioral and health status helps you identify high-risk individuals and groups and to coordinate targeted wellness programs while monitoring the success of intervention strategies.
Empower your employees.
The MicroFit proactive approach provides your employees with accurate personalized assessment and health information that empowers them to make informed health care decisions, reduce their personal health risks, and monitor their own progress.
Provide objective measurements.
Unlike traditional assessments that rely exclusively on subjective, self-administered employee surveys, MicroFit assessments provide your employees with an individualized, objective and standardized physical health report, which help identify problems that may otherwise have gone undetected.
Manage health care resources.
Advanced MicroFit reports facilitate the assessment of clinical outcomes, benchmarking and program evaluation. Aggregate reports help you target areas that need improvement, reduce ineffective and inefficient health care expenditures, and plan for current and future costs.
Creating a healthy corporate culture.
MicroFit assessment technology supports your organization’s efforts to create a community health model that promotes healthy behavior, wellness and education while differentiating you from your competitors.
Impact on the bottom line.
MicroFit systems provide essential information that helps employers increase productivity, improve employee morale, lower health care costs and enhance the overall quality of life for employees. Proactive MicroFit health and fitness assessment programs provide a cost-effective investment and valuable employee benefit.