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Over 300 colleges and universities use the MicroFit fitness assessment system to promote wellness on campus. In fitness centers, students are assessed every 2 months and receive motivational progress reports. In health education and kinesiology classes, they get hands on experience with the MicroFit testing equipment and software to learn about their own physiology and how exercise and nutrition relate to life long wellness. Many colleges encourage students to learn how to operate the MicroFit system and pay them to conduct fitness and wellness assessments for faculty, staff and community members.

Here are some more reasons why colleges prefer the MicroFit fitness assessment system:

Comprehensive Assessment System.
MicroFit provides assessments of current health status, physical fitness and wellness based on life style behaviors. There are also software components for creating exercise programs, nutritional analysis and meal planning.
Easy to Learn, Easy to Use.
In the college environment, it is common for students who operate the MicroFit system to move on and new students need to be trained. This transition is quick and painless because MicroFit's software and operation are very intuitive and easy to use.
Saves Time.
When you are faced with assessing hundreds of students, staff and community members each year, the time to complete an assessment becomes important. With MicroFit, all testing equipment is at the assessment station and results are automatically calculated and entered into the software. A comprehensive fitness report can be completed in about 30 minutes.
Professional Reports.
Fitness reports are printed immediately after the assessment and have a highly professional look. Your school's name and logo can be printed on each page. Color bar graphs clearly show if a test result is in the Fit or Needs Work category. The report can also show comparisons with prior assessments which can motivate the student to stay with their newly learned fitness program.
Flexible Assessment System.
With MicroFit you can add 'user-defined' tests, standards and edit the text displayed on the report. This highly flexible assessment system can be customized for any type of group like an Adapted Physical Education class, community fire department, Worksite Health Promotion class and athletics.
Excellent research tool.
Collecting large amounts of health and fitness data on students is a simple task for MicroFit. The database can hold thousands of students taking multiple assessments. There are many built-in reports that show group progress over time. You can also export fitness data to a file and run more sophisticated analysis using other statistical software.
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What Others are Saying about MicroFit
"Stanford University started a campus wide wellness program this year utilizing the MicroFit System to provide fitness assessments for faculty and staff. It’s ease of use and report functions have made this component a valuable tool in promoting a culture of wellness on campus."
Jennifer Sexton                                             Coordinator of Recreational Fitness & Wellness Stanford University, Stanford, CA
"We have been using MicroFit for 20 years now in pre/post fitness testing. All students in Adapted Physical Education and Fitness for Life classes use the various sub-maximal assessments. MicroFit's assessments are reliable, easy to implement, and don't require a lot of time."
Steve Hartman, Fitness Center Director                Citrus College, Glendora, CA
"MicroFit allows us to provide fitness evaluations to hundreds of students and community members a year. The testing efficiency and professional results sheet are a real asset."
Joel Chapman Fitness Specialist                        McHenry College, Crystal Lake, IL
"The MicroFit system has allowed us to assess, motivate, and educate our students in a comprehensive and sophisticated manner to meet our objectives. MicroFit not only provides a great product, but their customer service and product support is outstanding."
John A. Kordich M.Ed., CSCS*D, NSCA-CPT*D, H/F I Faculty, Fitness and Sport Science Department       Pima Community College, Tucson, Arizona
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