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MicroFit, Inc. is a market leader in health and fitness assessment technology. We manufacture FDA-registered medical assessment devices and fitness and wellness-related software programs for the fitness, medical, education, military and corporate wellness markets. Our products provide timely, accurate and meaningful information that helps people lead longer, healthier, and more active lives.

Paul Vodak, MicroFit’s president and chief technology officer, established the company in 1986. As an exercise physiologist and research assistant at the Stanford University School of Medicine, he envisioned an easy-to-use, computer-controlled device that would enable health and fitness professionals to perform fast, accurate and comprehensive assessments and track outcomes over time. The result of that vision was the first computerized fitness assessment system to feature multiple on-line test devices for measuring body weight, body fat, blood pressure, muscle strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

That product, now known as the FAS-2 System, is the assessment system of choice for health and fitness professionals all over the world including the wellness directors at most of the U.S. military bases.

MicroFit’s easy-to-use HealthWizard software provides a comprehensive assessment of physical and behavioral health as well as recommendations for improvement. HealthWizard can be used as a standalone assessment tool or with the FAS-2 System for standardized, computer-controlled assessment.

Designed for maximum performance and versatility, MicroFit’s FAS-2 System hardware and HealthWizard software give health and fitness professionals the technological edge they need to position their organization for success. With over 2000 systems sold in over 30 countries, MicroFit continues to set the standard by delivering outstanding service, innovative design, and quality fitness assessment products.