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A World Leader in Fitness Assessment

MicroFit fitness assessment products have set the industry standard for quality, reliability, and ease of use since 1986. Organizations around the world rely on MicroFit technology to assess their client’s fitness and wellness status, identify health improvement programs, and track progress.

Our Customers

  • Fitness and athletic centers

  • Colleges and universities

    recreation centers

    kinesiology and sport science classes

  • Medical fitness/wellness centers

  • Personal trainers

  • Military fitness and wellness centers

  • Fire, police, and security forces

  • Corporate fitness/wellness centers

Solutions For All Budgets

MicroFit fitness assessment products are modular and offer a solution for all budgets. You can start with the HealthWizard Lite software for as little as $595. When your budget permits you can upgrade to HealthWizard Pro and add MicroFit’s medical grade fitness assessment equipment that interfaces directly to your computer. The complete MicroFit Lab that you see above retails for $24,995.

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